Junko's Cyber Kitchen ---June, 1997

Tasts of Four Seasons

When I see some fresh vegetable and fruit with sweet smell at the shop, I can't stop buying them imaging seasonal cooking. I am not a vegetarian, but main ingredient tend to be vegetable or fruit . I introduce seasonal meals and baked sweets with good smell from my kitchen.

Salad of Sau-ted Peppers


Photo by Junko Asai ---June 13, 1997


Slice the red and yellow peppers in 1/4 inches width.

Pour extra virgin olive oil in the heated frying pan.

Add herbes as bayleaf, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Then add the sliced pepper.< /P>.

Sau-tee them for 3 minutes.

Sprinkle the salt, squeeze the lemon and turn off the heat.

Add broken up cottage-cheeze in the flying-pan.

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