Junko's Cyber Kitchen ---January 1997


Turnip Salada with Yogurt-dressing

Since the Christmas holiday you may have sacrificed your stomach,then I recommend you the "Refressing Salada". Just simple,mix the sliced turnips,apples,and celeries with the yogurt-dressing. Slice the turnips,apples,and celeries thinly. Turnips should be sliced against its fiber,because it'll absorb dressing well. Mix same quantity of the mayonaise and the yogurt, add the appropriate grated hoseradish. Sprinkle the toasted sliced almonds on the top of the salada. '97/1/8 Junko Asai

Turnip Salada with Yogurt-dressing

Turnip Salada with Yogurt-dressing

Photo by Junko Asai

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